Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sarah Palin

So as most of you that live in Greenville know, Sarah Palin came to town last week for a rally at ECU. And yes I scored a ticket. It was very exciting as I have never been to anything like this. I've never seen a President or Vice President in person. And yes I know that she is not presently the VP but close enough. She could possibly be the first female Vice President in the history of our country and that's pretty cool. Elizabeth Dole and Pat McCrory also spoke. The crowd was definitely pumped up for Sarah though. There was a lot of excitement in that arena let me tell ya. Don't ask me why but for some reason I did not bring my camera. For one it is pretty heavy and I didn't want to lug it around for hours. And I didn't know how strict security would be. Looking back I now regret that decision because we were able to get pretty close and I probably could have gotten some really great images. But anyway these were taken with my handy ol' iphone, which I think is one of the greatest inventions and takes verily decent pictures. Though I wish it had a zoom. My co-workers and I had t-shirts made up. Out of 12 t-shirts she signed 3 of them. None of which I received but anywho... The lady on stage with Sarah threw one of our signed shirts to the other side of the crowd. So someone out there landed one of our shirts signed. If you know this person please let me know. =)

The autographing chaos after her speech.
My co-workers.
I decided to jump in. Horrible!!! My eyes are closed and so are Lori's.
The line (this was just a portion of the line)
The protestors.

The secret service.
The scoreboard.
The pledge of allegiance.
Read my lipstick people.
I don't know how I got this crazy shot.

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creative gal said...

I am glad you made it inside! :o)