Thursday, January 29, 2009

Kind Of Slow

So the month of January is definitely the slow month in the life of a photographer. Which is good because December is definitely the busiest so it's nice to have a break after all the craziness. This past Christmas season was very busy and I had so much fun designing lots of Christmas cards. I can't wait for next year. I'm slowing getting much better at photoshop and graphic design and all that technology stuff. Photography is much more than just snapping pictures these days. Most of the hard work actually takes place after the shoot. So stay tuned because I have several different things going on in the month of February.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Big Snow 2009

We never get snow! The last big one was five years ago. Yesterday we got about 4-5 inches and it's been so cold it's still here. I think it's going to melt tomorrow. :( So you can imagine how excited all the kids in NC are with all this snow. Here's a few of the nieces and nephew. We had a blast today playing outside.
Me and Deallaney getting ready to go for a ride. She loved that thing.
Nothing like getting pulled around in a camper top by a four wheeler!
Whoooo Hoooooo!!!

All bundled up in her 'snow clothes.' I think she likes the snow.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Favorites of 2008

Well unbelievably it's snowing! I've been couped up in the house all day and I'm starting to get a tad bit bored. Can't believe I just said that but I've been home for almost four days now. I've changed the batteries in the smoke detectors, changed some light bulbs, done all my laundry, read, watched movies and now I'm gazing out the window at a winter wonderland. It's so pretty!! Looks like I'll be stuck here again tomorrow. So I've been meaning to blog some of my favorite images from 2008. This past year was awesome! I went to a really cool workshop on Bald Head Island where I met some awesome female photographers whom I still keep in touch with and will be seeing again next month at our next photography conference. I launched my website and blog. I photographed my first wedding. Well you get the point. Lots of firsts. So here's a few of my favorites from 2008. These first two are from today. I still haven't taken my little gnome inside. Doesn't he look cold?
Three inches and it's still coming down. Very rare for NC!
This first one is of my family at the beach this past summer. We gave my mom a big canvas of this one for Christmas. She needed an updated family picture.

My immediate family. They're a bunch of monsters! I laugh every time I see this one. I had a little fun with photoshop with this one.

My three favorite little monkeys. I'll try and be partial and this will be the only image of them for my favorites of 2008. I have too many favorites of them to post!

Favorites of 2008
These are just a few of my favorites, I have many, many more.

Friday, January 9, 2009

The H Family

I took pictures of this family before Christmas so now I can finally post some of them. They are such a nice family. Can't wait to see you guys again. I love this first picture. I think it's my favorite of the family. So colorful. Would make a great canvas.Color or black and white? I like them both!

The boys and their first cousin. So sweet!

The boys.

Love is in the air! ;)

Bless this little one. It was freezing that day. She was so cold.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas 2008

Some pictures of my nieces and nephew at Christmas. Man were they excited. Deallaney is a little scared of Santa so we had to call him on the phone to talk to him at a safe distance. The girls got bikes!
Notice Annaclaire's dog in the back in it's carrier. She loves dogs!
Christmas morning. How cute are they in their matching pj's?
Gotta love them Pirates.
These next two are of Deallaney at her school's Christmas program. She's got good odds in her class. She's one of three girls and man are there some cute little boys in her class. She sat up front and sang very loud! I was quite impressed.