Thursday, January 29, 2009

Kind Of Slow

So the month of January is definitely the slow month in the life of a photographer. Which is good because December is definitely the busiest so it's nice to have a break after all the craziness. This past Christmas season was very busy and I had so much fun designing lots of Christmas cards. I can't wait for next year. I'm slowing getting much better at photoshop and graphic design and all that technology stuff. Photography is much more than just snapping pictures these days. Most of the hard work actually takes place after the shoot. So stay tuned because I have several different things going on in the month of February.

2 comments: said...

You got that right!! All this photoshop I do I am going to need a WIDE LOAD sign on my butt and a beeper when I walk backwards!!

Brandi's blog said...

Amen Karen! I couldn't have said it better. ha!