Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Big Snow 2009

We never get snow! The last big one was five years ago. Yesterday we got about 4-5 inches and it's been so cold it's still here. I think it's going to melt tomorrow. :( So you can imagine how excited all the kids in NC are with all this snow. Here's a few of the nieces and nephew. We had a blast today playing outside.
Me and Deallaney getting ready to go for a ride. She loved that thing.
Nothing like getting pulled around in a camper top by a four wheeler!
Whoooo Hoooooo!!!

All bundled up in her 'snow clothes.' I think she likes the snow.


Wendy said...

These pictures are so good. I know all of you had a great time. Thanks again for sharing pictures of these precious children!!

creative gal said...

Way too cute!!