Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas 2008

Some pictures of my nieces and nephew at Christmas. Man were they excited. Deallaney is a little scared of Santa so we had to call him on the phone to talk to him at a safe distance. The girls got bikes!
Notice Annaclaire's dog in the back in it's carrier. She loves dogs!
Christmas morning. How cute are they in their matching pj's?
Gotta love them Pirates.
These next two are of Deallaney at her school's Christmas program. She's got good odds in her class. She's one of three girls and man are there some cute little boys in her class. She sat up front and sang very loud! I was quite impressed.


creative gal said...

I love the pictures! Thanks for sharing some of Christmas morning!

Wendy said...

All I can say is "priceless!" Thanks for sharing!!

Kara May said...

How cute are they? Love seeing Deallaney at her school program, she has the front row too!! said...

How is she doing??? Did Millie take pictures yet????

Brandi's blog said...

Sooo cute! Is that their striped couch in the one photo? If so, you need to do a shoot on that fun!