Friday, April 25, 2008

Tobacco Time!

Most of you that know me know that I grew up on a tobacco farm. Today I took some pictures of tobacco being "set out". That's what farmers call it when they plant the tobacco in the ground for the first time. This usually takes place around Easter. Maybe this year I'll show pictures through out the whole process since some of you that live far away have never seen tobacco. Around here it's a prominent crop. My family has farmed tobacco for probably about 200 years but it has ended with my generation. Sad to say but people just don't farm around here like they used to. Hope you like the pictures. I'll explain them don't worry.

In this first picture the people riding on the transplanter place the plants in the little slots and they drop down into the row and are planted.
This is what the tobacco plants look like in the trays. They are grown in these treys in a greenhouse and then when they get about this size they are planted in the field.
A tractor. Hope you've all seen one of these.
Up close of the tobacco plants.
Another tractor shot.
Up close shot of the tobacco in the ground.
This is what the back of the transplanter looks like.
A shot of setting out.
An old tractor that has seen it's day on our farm.

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