Saturday, April 5, 2008

More Pics From Love Affair

So all of these shots were done by my roommate from Love Affair, Brandi Nellis. She is a crazy, cool chic from Austin Texas. We got along so great and laughed non-stop for a week.

Brandi and I. Love the hat!!

Another shot of me done by Brandi. The coolest thing about going to a photography workshop is you get lots of shots of yourself which most photographers don't have.

My house mates and I. We are supposed to be jumping. Notice my feet are one the ground in both but check out how high Brandi can jump. Too funny!!


Photographs By Tiffany said...

She sent me these too!!
It looks like I must not have ever gotten any air either~I am going to have to work on that!! :)

Rebecca said...

Brandi is the best -- I just got my CD of images too! Now I need to do another post... :)
Love to see you blogging Misty!

Brandi's blog said...

Wow! My own personal post...I feel so famous. ha!

Cristina said...

Man, it felt like I was really getting off the ground big time! But my feet didn't even leave the ground!! Brandi, you crack me up!!! Jumping like a true cowgirl!