Sunday, April 6, 2008

2 + 2 = 4

A friend of mine gave birth to healthy twin girls last week and I couldn't wait to get some shots of them. They are joined by a big brother and big sister. Four children under the age of four. Talk about a busy house. Needless to say I think they are done now. The girls are so tiny and precious. And like their brother and sister they were born with a head full of hair. No mistaking who they belong to!! Here are a few of my favorites.

Getting some love from big sis!

Big brother checking them out while they sleep.


Photographs By Tiffany said...

These shots are FANTASTIC!!
I love every one of them~ Great compositions!!

Josh & Laurie said...

Hey, Misty! Lindsey gave me your blog address and told me to take a look. I love the pictures of the big sister and big brother and the last one, too. Very sweet. I'm teary eyed! Great work. I look forward to visiting often!

Josh & Laurie said...

Hi, Misty. Lindsey gave me your blog address and suggested I visit. I love the picture of big sister kissing baby and the picture of them in the crib AND the last picture. So sweet. I'm teary eyed. I look forward to visiting often. I look at Laurie Crutchfield's everyday. I love photography. Great work!

Brandi's blog said...

2 2 cute! Get it? :) These are fantastic. I love them. Great lighting too. Are you showing off with that new camera of yours?