Thursday, December 17, 2009

Go Chargers!!

So this past Sunday I went to my first NFL game courtesy of my wonderful father. I am a huge Chargers fan but San Diego is a long flight so we opted for the Cowboy/Charger game b/c it was closer and of course we wanted to see that new awesome Cowboy stadium. And it WAS awesome. The tv in there is 60 yards wide. It was huge and the HD was crystal clear. During the game you catch yourself looking at the tv almost as much as you look at the field. You just can't help it. So here's a few pictures. These were all taken with my little point and shoot camera and have not been edited in any way so please don't judge my photography off of these pictures. :) And also they are in random order.
Tony Romo warming up. He's in the long white sleeve shirt and blue shorts.

The Chargers about to make a play. Me and my pops. Our seats were pretty good. After the game. Victory!!! And a little blurry. Pretty boy Phillip Rivers on the big screen. Rivers used to be the quarterback at my Alma mater, NC State University. Man does our football team miss him. The Cowboys taking the field. Notice the ginormous tv screen. 60 yards wide!
On the Saturday night before the game we went to the Fort Worth Stock Yards. They run (or some might say slowly stroll) cattle through the street twice a day. Man were they huge! The stock yards has lots of cowboy shops, restaurants, bars and all that jazz. And if you're looking to drop $2,000 on a pair of boots head over to Leddy's. Needless to say I did not make any purchases there. The General Store was more my speed.

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