Friday, September 12, 2008


So I have a few things to post about today. For one how does everyone like my blog makeover? I have to say I love my new header. I think it rocks. I have to thank a fine Texan named Kari over at Kari and Co. for the new blog design. If you need any graphic work done check her out. I heard about her through a few of the girls who I went to the Love Affair Workshop with. She's really fast and a great person. I know this because when I paid her for the work she did to my blog she turned around and gave half to the Progeria Research Foundation which is a charity that is very dear to my heart because they are searching hard to find a cure. She had read about Deallaney on my blog and felt the need to help these children. Thanks Kari!

Second, if you know of any seniors who would like some cool seniors shots to show who they really are and not the boring ol' picture of them in their cap and gown tell them to give me a call. I will be running a seniors special this year. For $150 you get two outfit changes, two locations, 8 wallets and 2 8 x 10's. The images are retouched and edited and placed in a password protected gallery to view. Feel free to bring your family for a group shot of the whole family. These images can be used with many cool products such as the coffee table books, senior party invitations, or thank you notes for all of those senior gifts.

Third I will be going up on my sitting fee very soon so if you want to book a session at the $50 sitting fee don't wait. I will be going up in the next few days.

Lastly I'll leave you with a few pictures from the State and William and Mary game last weekend. These were shot with my handy dandy iphone. This may be our only win this year. I hope not but you know somedays it's hard work being a Wolfpack fan. The first one is the fighter jets flying over which was pretty cool.


Sharon said...

I feel your pain and I agree... being a wolfpack fan can feel like it's a lot of work sometimes! We have season tickets so we will be there the remainder of the season... win or lose.

Love the website! I check back every so often because I love to see your pictures!

Tiffany Rushforth Photography said...

The blog looks GREAT!! Isn't Kari Awesome! That is so great that she donated half to that charity!
Very cool!

Cristina said...

It does look awesome! Kari is great and has a big heart!

Michael Harris said...

Nice blog. I think the iphone does a nice job!

Josh and Laurie said...

I love your new blog design, Misty. What an awesome thing Kari did. You are so talented and I really enjoy visiting your site.

Kara May said...

Love your new blog design and header - gorgeous!!