Friday, August 15, 2008

Christmas Cards

I know it's only August but the way this year is flying by Christmas will be here before we know it. This year I'm going to try something that alot of photographers do and that is sell designer Christmas cards. They will be very unique and different from the standard Snapfish designs everyone else sends out. And we all want to be unique and different don't we? I can buy several different designs but I need to know if anyone is interested before I buy them. The cards will be folding cards that open up and have your personal pictures on the front and on the inside. Prices will be $1.75 a card with a minimum order of 25. You can use your own personal pictures or pictures from a shoot you have had with me in the past. Or you can schedule a shoot for some new family pictures. Like I said I know it's only August but I would like to have them completed and printed by the end of November to get them out so that only gives us about 3 months. So.... shoot me an email if you are interested so I can get to working on them. Fa La La La La!!

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Brandi's blog said...

What a great idea! Where did you think of that one? :)