Monday, June 23, 2008


Most of you that know me personally know that my niece, Deallaney was born with a very rare disease called Progeria. Well a few months ago I entered her in a contest put on by an awesome photographer named Millie Holloman based out of Wilmington. The contest was for a free session from Millie. She wanted to document a day in the life of a child with a disability or battling a disease. Well today I found out Deallaney won the contest so she will be receiving a free photo shoot with an awesome photographer. I am very excited. If you are looking for a good charity to donate your hard earned dollars to The Progeria Research Foundation is at the top of my list. And yes that is the Wolf symbol she is doing. I've taught her to love the Wolfpack. Got to start 'em young!!


Wendy said...

Misty, Thanks for entering Deallaney in this contest. You know that all of us in Sanford think she is SOMETHING SPECIAL!!!

Cristina said...

That has to be the coolest thing I've heard all day!!! Awesome, I can't wait to see the photos.

Life Glimpsed: The Denglers said...

i misty - it's ashley fagundus. i found your blog through sara davis' and i love reading your stories and seeing your photography. your work is beautiful. i'm actually friends w/ seth, millie's brother, and love millie's work. i'm so excited for your niece. what a treat. and you wolfpack fans are nuts! my brother's kids do the same thing :)