Monday, May 5, 2008

Keeping My Fingers Crossed

So I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I will get my computer back today. My computer has broken so much lately that I now know that Best Buy receives their UPS shipments on Mondays and Thursdays. So hopefully my computer is in their shipment of today. I can't wait to get it back to start building my brand new website. Be on the lookout for that. I'm sure it will take me a couple of weeks to get that done.

So I came across a cool video done at a wedding reception. If I ever get married I expect something like this. Yeah right. This is like out of a Disney movie but it's very cool. I love the bride's face when all of her friends start jumping out of the crowd to join in. Even the groom is involved.

Also if you are looking for another blog to read I'll share on my favorites. I read lots of photographer blogs. There are great places to get inspiration and learn, learn, learn. But one of my favorites to read lately is Kara May. She is based out of South Carolina and I love her style. And she also has lots of cool links to kids clothing. If you are looking for something cool and different for your child to wear you can find many links to some cool sites on her blog.

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