Saturday, May 24, 2008

Mommy and Me

So yesterday my sister-in-law wanted me to take some shots of her and my little niece. She is just on the verge of walking. Any day now. Here's a few of my favs. How do you like this little face?
I think she was looking at a little stone rabbit here. She loves animals!!


Deb Tracey said...

Misty!! OMGosh!! that first picture? is adorable!! I miss those days!! You captured her beautifully! Love your logo and can't wait to see your site!! Thank you so much for the support!!! God Bless, deb :)

Wendy said...

These pictures of Annaclaire are just precious. She is a little "ham" but of course all 3 of the Hudson children are very photogenic!! You get plenty of practice on them.