Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fresh out of the oven and oh so sweet! | Greenville NC Newborn Photographer

Yesterday I photographed possibly the cutest and easiest newborn ever!! The mom of this little guy planned it perfect. The best time to do newborn shoots is within that first week when the baby is tiny, sleepy and flexible. This little fella was almost a week old and was the perfect little model. Mom gave him a little bit of milk and he was pretty much out the whole shoot. I highly recommend newborn shoots. I mean they are only this tiny once, right? I mean seriously can he BE any cuter?

Checking out his new little brother. Ahhh..

I think this one is one of my favorites. So sweet!! I told you he slept the whole time.


Brandi's blog said...

Oh, me likey likey! Very cute stuff!!!

Tiffany said...

Misty, these are sooooo very very precious and amazing!!! :)