Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Deallaney.

Look who's five years old today. Or as Deallaney says, a whole hand full. She has come a long way in her little five years and has touched numerous hearts. This year she is now in kindergarten and loving it so far from what I hear. And she is more independent than ever. If you tell her something she already knows she is quick to say, "I know that." She's a mess. Happy Birthday D.
Check out her new ride! It even has a real radio.
Of course sister wanted a ride.


Brandi's blog said...

Too freakin' cute! Tell "Big D" that the Texans said Happy Birthday!

creative gal said...

I hated that I could not go!!!! I love her cake!!

Laurie Stewart said...

LOVE the cake! I saw Brian dropping her off at school the other day. She looked all decked out and ready to go!!

DanielleP said...

Ooh I heard so much about this pink jeep AND something about Chase not being able to drive it...hah, she got a kick out of that! Too sassy :)